About Jude

Hello everyone and welcome to My Gaming Mouse website! Ever since I was 7 years old (way back in 2002), I have spent countless hours glued to the screen while playing some form of game on the computer. As games evolved, the importance of registering a click at precisely the right time grew as technology and games advanced.

My Gaming Journey

When I played Lego Racers, it didn’t really matter when I clicked to shoot my opponent. As the games grew more sophisticated, so did my needs. Playing Minecraft during class in high school, I needed a wireless mouse that was quiet, and still was able to register my inputs with minimal lag time, as I didn’t want to get blown up by a creeper.

A few years later I joined a pro team playing World of Tanks, and my needs started changing. No longer did I need a silent wireless mouse, now I just needed a comfy, lag-free, adjustable DPI mouse that looked as cool as my shots.

Fast forward to 2017, as Fortnite grew in popularity, I needed a mouse with enough buttons to bind all my building, and inventory keys so I didn’t have to slap my keyboard in frustration as I pull out a sniper rifle to engage another player at point-blank range.

So Many Options, What To Do?

With the rise of titans such as Amazon, you are able to browse for their products instantly, however what if you are like me? You need a very specific product – how do you search and filter thousands of products so you can find your silent Bluetooth mouse, or your wired RGB mouse with programmable buttons?

You’ve Come To The Right Place

Here at Your Gaming Mouse, we will change the way you find your next gaming mouse. Small budget? No problem. Need a quick-response Bluetooth rechargeable mouse with programmable buttons? No worries, we have your back and won’t rest until you can’t blame your loss on the mouse. May all your games be easy, your clicks be strong, and your teams be noob-free (if you can’t spot the noob…it’s probably you).



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