What is the best simple gaming mouse?

What is the best simple gaming mouse?
I was introduced to video games in 2003, and have been playing ever since. The second my high school decided to allow laptops in classrooms, a majority of the population jumped at the opportunity. From shopping, to watching Netflix, to playing games (2048 was pretty popular back when I was in high school), we all hated using the track pad on our laptops. As I sat in class, struggling to play Minecraft on a derpy track pad I decided I’d had enough – I needed a simple gaming mouse.

As with most things in life, there is no need to over complicate something that should be relatively simple. With so many options to choose from for your gaming mouse, it can often feel overwhelming to choose a simple one – you just need the best one for the basics. In this article, I will compare the basics of simple mice, and discuss the options available to you. Please note that I am not sponsored by any of the products mentioned, and thus I shall present an unbiased opinion.

Price does NOT equal quality

When I was younger, I thought that the more expensive something was, the higher quality it would be. In today’s world, however, that is not the case at all. In fact, some of my most trusted pieces of technology I bought because they were 90% cheaper than the branded product. Take my microphone for example. A Yeti microphone costs about $120, but I went to Walmart and bought a $20 one from a brand that I never heard of before. This was 1 year ago. While using either in-game coms, or Discord, my teammates and friends can hear no discernable difference between my microphone, and my friend’s Yeti. That’s not to say that there is no difference; the main point being that price does not equal quality.

What are YOUR needs?

Now that we have price out of the way, let’s talk mice. We are talking about simple here, folks, SIMPLE. Because we are looking into simple gamine mice, I shall be ignoring mice with more than 5 buttons because, let’s face it, those mice are not simple. There are two obvious paths to follow: wired, and wireless. Let’s tackle the wireless mice first.

No wires attached

Wireless mice usually come two flavors: the office mice, and the gaming mice. If you are looking for a dual-purpose mouse, combining school/office work and games, look no further than the Logitech M510. This is the updated version of a mouse that I have used for close to 5 years. Throughout high school I needed a wireless mouse that was small, portable, and allowed me to play games. It is worth noting that wireless mice are not ideal for playing fast-paced games like COD. I primarily used mine for playing World of Tanks, League of Legends, and Minecraft. None of which required flick shots, epic 360 snipes, or a rapid change in DPI/sensitivity. There are mice out there that have buttons that control the sensitivity, but I usually don’t recommend those for wireless mice. While there are some high-end wireless mice out there that specialize in FPS style games, I usually don’t like to recommend them because of the potential for lag and battery life. No matter how much a company invests in technology and/or claims that they have reduced the lag time to microseconds, there is always the change that your computer or the Bluetooth receiver derps out and you lose connection. This is why I also recommend wired controllers. However, if you really want a simple wireless mouse to play FPS games with, I recommend a mouse like the Logitech G305, or a similar mouse from a different company. This mouse is slightly over $50 with taxes and fits comfortably in your hand while giving you control of sensitivity and a few other functions.

Untangling the wired mouse issue

Where to begin? There are so many wired mice out there that, quite frankly, it’s ridiculous. Let’s start with the brands. Logitech is my personal favorite. I have been using their products since 2011 and have never been let down. I started off simple; my mouse never had more than 5-7 buttons and I loved it. The wired 300 series served (and continues to serve) me well into my current games. Their products are reasonably priced and I have personally never noticed a lapse in the quality. The next two brands I will discus are Razer and Corsair. I don’t recommend these brands for a simple mouse. True, they are easily recognizable brand-name mice, however they seem to specialize in multi-button programmable mice. For your basic mouse, I recommend looking no further than Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy. If you are in person, look at the size and make sure it will fit comfortably in your hand. It doesn’t have to be a recognizable brand, it just has to do the job. If you are shopping online, ignore the average review rating, it is usually biased with false reviews. Instead, take a little time to read the 3 and 4 star review – those tend to be the most reliable. Finally, make sure that the 1-star reviews make up no more than 10-15% of the reviews. I recommend Amazon because of the variety and ability to easily return products in case of a defect.


Choosing a simple gaming mouse shouldn’t be stressful or time-consuming (save that for whatever game you’re playing). I shall dive deeper into the more ‘complicated’ gaming mice later, however right now simple is the name of this game. You don’t need to spend more than $50 to get a good, simple mouse. Honestly, Amazon and Walmart are your best friends here. If you’re in school, I recommend going wireless. That way there are no wires to untangle, and it is small and portable. A wireless mouse is a laptop’s best friend. If you are looking for a simple mouse for a desktop, I recommend either, but I would personally go with wired. And remember – there is no need to spend more than $50 on a simple gaming mouse.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the matter! Feel free to comment recommendations below, I’m always open to suggestions!

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